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Japansk Stil Elastisk Høj Talje Lange Nederdele Kvinde 2020 Efterår og Vinter Kvindelige Løs Plaid A-linje, Plisserede Nederdele Harajuku 2 Farve


Status :På lager


Tags: beret japansk mode, nederdel kvinde, harajuku top, harajuku stil, nederdel nederdele, JAPAN, Nederdel, kawaii nederdel, patch harajuku kawaii, barbie hvid nederdel.


Længde:76cm , Talje:64-92cm

  • Stil: Preppy Stil
  • Silhuet: A-LINJE
  • Alder: Alderen 18-35 År
  • Mønster Type: Plaid
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • farve: Sort,Kaffe
  • Talje: empire
  • Materiale: Polyester
  • Kjoler Længde: Mid-Kalv
  • Køn: KVINDER
  • Dekoration: INGEN

I thought it's gonna be longer and more 'flowly'. It's almost tight, but I still like it a lot :)

Ronagmaglines (2021-02-02)

I’ve worn this skirt a few times, and honestly I can’t complain for the price. Underneath the outside design there’s a black fabric that poofs the skirt a little bit, and I personally like it. It’s definitely warmer then expected! I live in a decently snow-hit town in Canada, and I’ve been able to walk to school in this thing (a quick tip, if it’s a little too cold to wear it throw some fishnets on underneath, idk if it’s cause mine are like- thicker or something but that combo actually makes my legs quite warm). I will say though, the sizes are a tad bit small, I’d definitely recommend sizing up once or twice, if you’re genuinely worried about it. But overall, I actually love this skirt.

Lixacevaa Lidia 1982 (2021-02-09)

за такую цену юбка оч крутая!!!!

Pannonia69 (2021-01-26)

она более прямая чем на фото. мне не хватает складок

Jlcarter1975 (2021-02-07)

Skriv en anmeldelse!

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